Our Culture

MZ3 truly believes that a strong business and team culture are the key to successful collaboration and execution!


Guide & Focus


Transforming the way the business world perceives human talent


Building, developing & supporting world class teams & clients


Our Values






Talented People in a strong business culture bring meaning and purpose to the team and are key essential for sustainable growth.

As an organization powered by a vision, mission and set of core values, MZ3 focuses on sourcing and accommodating the best talent for emerging tech organizations. Our highest aim is to offer always customer tailored people solutions, the most skilled and talented people for your organization and flexible service conditions in the best possible office surrounding to make your personally staffed team unstoppable.

Why us?

MZ3 is a founder-led product development company. We enjoy working with startups and tech enterprises and we find digital talent with entrepreneurial spirit for key positions. We offer expertise at the intersection of Blockchain, Fintech, AI and other transformational technologies. We focus on 4 key areas: information technology, product management, agile development and emerging technologies. 

We have extensive experience setting up dedicated product development teams and development ecosystems for high-tech companies and tech startups. Our principle is to fit together experts with the highest degree of expertise required to bring your technology product to success.

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Our Location

We are located at Puzl CoWorking Space in Sofia. The Space is all about the ultimate work experience. The combination of abundant natural light, super-fast internet, ergonomic chairs, extra-large custom desks, and state-of-the-art AC system, makes the long screen hours much more comfy. The ambiance of the workspace allows to get into the zone effortlessly. Got tired? Head to the lounge areas and grab a beer with the community.

Random fact, Sofia is no big metropolis but it offers a unique blend of ancient history, beautiful nature, vibrant startup ecosystem and modern lifestyle. The city has rapidly become one of the tech hubs in Central and Eastern Europe thanks to its access to capital, tech talent, and a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs. Home of amazing IT humans and ourselves, Sofia offers everything you need to kick off your world domination. Not to mention the city's stunning views and super strategic location, being just 20 minutes away from the majestic Vitosha Mountain and 3 hours away from the Black Sea.