About us:

We believe that people embedded in a strong team culture are the driving force behind innovation. MZ3 is a founder-led product development studio based in Sofia, in our opinion the most vibrant startup and tech ecosystem in Europe.

We’re looking for tech talent with entrepreneurial spirit for all positions. We offer clients expertise at the intersection of Blockchain, Fintech, AI and other transformational technologies, of course we master ordinary web tech, too.  We have a strong focus on 4 key areas: IT architecture, product management, agile development and emerging technologies.

We help startups and enterprises to bring MVPs rapidly to the market and we support them with dedicated product development teams on the long-run. Our principle is to bring experts with the highest degree of expertise together, to delivery excellence for our clients.

About the project:

Our software engineering team at MZ3 supports our client project, a German Fintech Startup disrupting the German insurance market with innovative insurance products for the generation Y & Z. The focus in the development of the products will be improving existing functionality or developing new features, while making changes in all three (database, business logic and presentation) layers. New products will also be developed to support the digitalization of the services.

We’re looking for a Senior PHP developer to join our team. You will be part of an international environment where being a team player is the key to success. This role will involve planning, designing, developing and maintenance. Including the development of exciting varied web projects in a range of areas like feature development, payment, search technologies, crawling, business intelligence, online marketing, analysis of new technologies and mobile commerce.

For this position we are looking for someone with:

  • You have a good knowledge of PHP5 +, Laravel, Javascript, CSS

  • The operation and handling of relational database systems are well known to you

  • You are using the scm git as a daily driver

  • Unit & integration tests are at least a field of interest, and you can imagine making it a habit

  • Experience in service-oriented backend architectures (SOA), because Divide and Conquer does not solely refer to Machiavelli’s the Art of War

  • You are interested in new frameworks, libraries and technologies

If you bring this soft skills with you:

  • Teamwork and critical faculty characterize you, because you are aware that we can only achieve greatness as a team

  • Accordingly, you will enjoy developing yourself in and with the team and sharing knowledge

  • You are excited about the implementation of new ideas, products and functions

  • Solution-oriented and structured, as well as good abstract thinking are an apt description of your thought process.

  • When you hear the term document-based database systems, you do not think of a filing cabinet

  • If someone says MessageBroker, you’re not thinking of WhatsApp first, but maybe RabbitMQ

If you consider yourself to be:

  • Motivated, positive professional with ability to work in international teams

  • Independent thinker and problem solver

  • Able to work without supervision

  • Fluent in English

We are looking for someone to fit in our growing team of passionate developers and experienced IT professionals. We are dedicated and highly motivated team that is striving to achieve great things and we could use your help and your expertise in achieving those goals.

Our Perks:

  • Flexible working hours

  • Company share options

  • Sodexo sports pass

  • Additional health insurance

  • Team building events

  • Training and Development

If you want to talk to us directly, we will be happy to provide you with more information!